BIOQUARTZO is a new company created to support a different range of industrial sectors.

Basically meant to the IBERIAN MARKET, however, has strong connections with other regions , as the MAGHREB, the MIDDLE EAST or countries whose official language is Spanish and Portuguese, whether in AFRICA or AMERICA.

We act in the market selling products or providing services.

In product marketing BIOQUARTZO deal with basic raw materials and specialty chemicals for various industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to veterinary and animal feed (feed) through industries like ceramics, paint, rubber, plastics etc.

Our knowledge and participation in the areas of valuation METAL RESIDUOS allows us to be a major player in this area, ensuring our customers and suppliers the best products and solutions for their needs.


In services BIOQUARTZO act in various areas of the INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, from the design of equipment or production lines, till the systems "TURNKEY PROJECTS", and in areas of INDUSTRIAL LICENSING or ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT LICENCES.

We are in the market supported by a network of associations of technicians and companies with extensive experience in each of their specialties. This structure allows us, in each area or intervention, to adapt the most suited team to each situation, so as to give full satisfaction to our customers at the best market price.

At enterprise level, organizations that represent a commitment to quality, environment and safety are by themselves, if in absence of others,  guarantee of good service and high quality.

BIOQUARTZO has a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience in the areas of business we participate.

Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity - Bioquartzo


Product Marketing Chemicals

Metal Waste - trade sub-metallic products - Zn, Cu, Al, Pb


Execution of construction engineering projects for the industry in general.

Industrial projects / equipment’s  led to metallurgy and chemical

Turnkey Projects

ORGANIZATION - Mission and Values


Our way of working is based on collecting, for each project or area of operation, the ideal set of partners and collaborators offering clients a solution that suits your needs, current and low cost.

We set up for that, a network of companies and professionals specialized in the various sectors of our competencies.



To promote industrial activity in our geographical area of intervention based on quality, respect for the environment and low cost.



We value transparent, loyal and profitable relations among you our partners, customers and suppliers.

We value the professional and dedicated attitude of our employees and partners.

We believe that only a strong chain between the various intervinients, we can reach our goals in line with our ideals and ambitions.